Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blog Post #14

Today I watched Jose Picardo's video called Top ten tips for using technology in the classroom. This list uses basically everything that we learned in EDM310. I am going to touch on each one and whether I think it is applicable or not to my being a math teacher.

1) Streaming video
This is an excellent idea to me. My students can go online, whether they missed the lesson completely or just need a review, and they can watch me doing the exact same lesson that I did in class. This is a must-have tool.

2) Music
This is a great thing to use. Putting my lessons on iTunes as well just makes them that much more accessible.

3) Teleconferencing
This could be used as well. I could Skype my kids and give them real-time solutions to their exact problems and questions, which a YouTube video will not do.

4) Interactive Exercises
This could be slightly useful to me. I could set this up, and if my students think that they need extra reinforcement on a subject, they could always do this.

5) Interactive Whiteboard
YESSSSS. Smart boards are amazing, and they can really be used to improve a lesson if you know how to use them.

6) Podcasts
I will not use this. I feel like math students need to see the problems laid out in front of them in a visual form to grasp it. Ever tried to just say a math formula? It gets hard to comprehend.

7) Blogs and Wikis
This is one that I just do not see as being very useful. Maybe it could be used to keep parents interested in what they are doing? If it is math-related, there is already a wiki for it.

8) Social Networks
Maybe post assignments on there for another reference point? I see this as another that parents could watch so they make sure kids do their homework.

9) Internet Tools
These could be used at a limited extent to help my students be motivated, sure. I wish he would have elaborated on this topic more.

10) Gadgets
Make the most of my student's gadgets. Well since iPods and phones are basically banned from high schools then I could see this being an issue. I would mention to them that YouTube is accessible from their phones. Just do not use them in school! Not that I necessarily believe these rules are just, but rules are rules I guess!

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