Saturday, October 8, 2011

C4T #2

For C4T#2, I was assigned What Ed Said by Edna Sackson, who is a PYP teacher in Melbourne, Australia.

Her first blog post that I commented on is "10 Ways Twitter Has Added Value..." I know Dr. Strange would like this one! The basic theme of all ten ways is this - if you follow the right people, there is a virtually limitless amount of useful information being tweeted. Students and teachers are not only making local connections, but they are connecting with others around the entire world. Information is being transported around through Twitter so much, that is a indispensable source in one's PLN.

Obviously I agreed with her points (not just in fear of Dr. Strange murdering me). Even in the small list that Dr. Strange gave us, I have already found multiple tweets that led to very useful and interesting information. Twitter is a must-have for the teachers of today and tomorrow.

In Ed's second blog post entitled "A Collaborative Blog for Inquirers...", she discusses her other blog Inquire Within, and she speaks on how she is trying to resurrect it. Inquire Within is a blog which a science teacher and she discuss PYP teaching which focuses on learning through inquiry. If you do not know what inquiry means, go look it up right now before all hope is lost! Anyways, she is propositioning her blog followers to help collaborate on this blog, and she also discusses how helpful inquiry learning can be.

If you didn't look up inquiry learning, it is learning through asking questions then finding the answers to those questions. I think this is a great way for students to learn. It promotes creativity, and it can definitely be more interesting than sitting in a lecture-style class.


  1. Great post Zack. I agree with both you and Ms. Sackson that twitter can and will be a very useful application now and in my future. I am still learning just how beneficial it is and still working on adding new people to my account. Inquiry learning is definitely something I would like to encourage as that is how I learn best. It does allow creativity and thought processes beyond what Dr. Strange calls "burp-back education" which has been going on for too long now. Thank you again for your post.